Missionary Partners

One of the ways we seek to reach and equip people for Christ without borders is through partnering with people in different places of the world who have a passion to make disciples of Christ.  We consider all our partners part of the local body of Christ at NorthRidge and seek to care for them as our own family.  We are responsible for sending and supporting them well.  We encourage everyone at NorthRidge to get involved in caring for our missionary partners, through prayer, financial support, and joining a missionary’s Home team.

  • Dave & Michele Clinton (Abby, Olivia, Seth) - Rockford, IL/First Love International
  • Kevin & Renae Kellenberger (Kai,Cap) - Camdenton, MO/ Offgrid Tech Ethnos360
  • Erica Thompson - Haiti/One Mission Society
  • Matt & Stacey Ayars (Lily, Sofia, Nora, Ben) - Haiti/One Mission Society
  • Arnie & Diane Kitchener - Waukesha, WI/Ethnos360 Bible Institute 
  • Robbie & Gail Nutter (Levi, Sarah, Jason) - Kansas State University/Christian Challenge
  • Nate & Erika Sapp (Malia, Josie, Aliza, Ezra) - Kansas State University/Christian Challenge
  • Bryce & Alicia Lee (Tim, Ben, Michael, Toby, Jade, Sierra, Anna) - Simla, CO/Cross Roads
  • Matt & Kait Kaeb (Judson, Tyndale, Nessa) - Thailand/Commission to every nation
  • Dave & Jochy Lockard -Central American Ministries/Outstretched Arms
  • Rafael & Mary Restrepo - Spain/AMG International
  • Marianne Rauter - Uruguay/EMU International
  • Mike and Kim Havenstein (Brayden, Conner, Abbi) - Ohio State University/Navigators
  • Emma Tyler - Tokyo, Japan/Student Mobilization
  • ‚ÄčTyler Edelman - University of Kansas/Christian Challenge
  • Laura Baumgartner - Thailand/Connie's Home Orphanage

Serving in Sensitive Locations

  • J & K, Asia
  • S & C, Asia
  • Rachel

Want to join a Home Team for one of our missionary partners? Click here